Our Story

Koda Coffee Co. came to be while Koda, my four-legged companion, and I were traveling through Central America by bicycle. Coffee fueled the way, and so the idea was born.

It happened that our route took us through some of the world's finest coffee growing regions from Mexico to Guatemala and down through Costa Rica. We wandered past and through many small, family-run coffee farms, and had the opportunity to see first hand the hard work and passion that goes into each harvest. Conversations with the locals who depend on the coffee trade were humbling, and at the same time have allowed me to enjoy and appreciate each cup that much more.

Since then, it's been Koda Coffee's mission to share the world's highest quality coffee with as many people as possible. 

Our philosophy is simple: quality and service

With that, thanks for counting on us for your coffee. 

Mike and Koda